About this blog

It has been pointed out to me that I like a good summary. For example, on the last evening of a holiday or at the end of a really good day, I have a tendency to summarise all the best things that have happened. I don’t know why I do this! Maybe it is just a way of taking stock on life or clearing things up in my mind.

I am a secondary school mathematics teacher and part-time doctoral student in Education. I have been very fortunate to start my career by working at two truly outstanding schools, working with exceptional teachers who have inspired me and taught me great deal about teaching. I am indebted to these schools for the opportunities that they have given me to develop my own teaching practice and collaborate with others. Over the years, they have arranged for me to participate in international exchanges programmes to observe maths lessons in Shanghai and Tokyo, attend conferences and work with some of the best teachers around. They even trusted me to organise the occasional conference and deliver training sessions myself! Finally, they have also been kind enough to support me with my recent university studies. For all these things, I am grateful.

The last four to five years have been a huge eye-opener for me. All of those experiences provided plenty of food for thought about maths teaching. But more importantly, they showed me how much more any teacher still has to left learn at any time – we are never complete… or even half full! I suppose the purpose of this blog is to act as a summary of the main things that I picked up from colleagues, visits and studying during this time.

All views and opinions expressed in the blog are my own (or more accurately: things that I’ve pinched from others) and do not represent any school or organisation that I have worked for or studied with.